Neil Norman, Professsor of Archaeology"



Publications (In Preparation)

Norman, Neil L.
On Drinking God and Binding a Polity: Micro-monuments, Ethnic Pluralism, and the Political Landscape of Hueda, 1650-1727. In Ethnic Ambiguity and Archaeology in Africa. K. MacDonald and F. Richard (eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Norman, Neil L.
Sacred Vortices of the African Atlantic: Towards an Archaeology of Huedan (Whydah) Vodun, 1650-1727. International Journal of Historical Archaeology. Norman, Neil L.
Hueda (Whydah) Country and Town: Archaeological Perspectives on the Rise and Collapse of an Atlantic Countryside and Entrepôt. International Journal of African Historical Studies. Norman, Neil L.
Feasting the People and the Ancestors: Archaeological Views of Parades, Ancestral Pageants, and Socio-Political Process in the Hueda Kingdom, 1650-1727 A.D. Journal of World Prehistory.

Publications (Peer Reviewed)

Norman, Neil L.
Under Review Citadels But Not Cities?: West African Urban Forms During the Age of the African Atlantic. In State and Society in the West African Atlantic. Cameron Monroe and Akin Ogundrian (eds.) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Kelly, Kenneth G. and Norman, Neil L.
2007 Historical Archaeology of Landscape in Atlantic Africa. In Envisioning Landscape: Situations and Standpoints in Archaeology and Heritage. Dan Hicks, Laura McAtackney, Graham Fairclough (eds.) Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press. Kelly, Kenneth G. and Norman, Neil L.
2006 Medium Vessels and the Longue Durée. In African Re-Genesis: Confronting Social Issues of the African Diaspora. Jay Haviser and Kevin McDonald (eds.) London: University College of London Press (One World Archaeology Series). Norman, Neil L. amd Kelly, Kenneth G.
2004 Landscape Politics: The Serpent Ditch and the Rainbow in West Africa. American Anthropologist. 106(1): 98-110.

Publications (Non-Peer Reviewed}

Norman, Neil L.
2008 An Archaeology of West African Atlanticization: Regional Analysis of the Huedan Palace Districts and Countryside (Bénin), 1650-1727. Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation. Department of Anthropology, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia. Norman, Neil L.
2006 Savi Countryside Archaeological Project. Society for Historical Archaeology Newsletter. 39(3): 53. Kelly, Kenneth G., Peggy Brunache, and Neil L. Norman
1999 Archaeological Fieldwork at Savi, Republic of Bénin: the 1999 Season. Nyame Akuma 52: 2-10. Norman, Neil L.
1998 “The Gold is There and Don’t You Forget It!” Historical Research and Archeological Data Recovery at the Sixes Gold Mine (9CK537). R.S. Webb and Associates, Holly Springs, GA.

Journal Advisory Board Service

2008 African Archaeological Review

Web Publications (Non-Peer Reviewed)

Handler, J. and Norman, Neil L.
2007 September 2007 African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter. From West Africa to Barbados: A Rare Pipe from a Plantation Slave Cemetery Norman, Neil L.
2007 June 2007 African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter. Preliminary Report on Survey, Ethnohistory, and Excavation in the Savi Townscape and Hinterland. Norman, Neil L. and Hope Norman
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